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Post on the Wine Scholar Guild website.

We are beaming with pride to receive the message that our very own student, Gary Schwartz, has received his Spanish Wine Scholar with Highest Honors! Here's what the article from the Wine Scholar Guild reported on their website:

Gary Schwartz, SWS, Wine Educator, Eagle Mountain Winery Other certifications: WSET Levels 2 & 3

Congratulations to Gary Schwartz, SWS, for achieving highest honors in the Spanish Wine Scholar exam with North Carolina Wine Academy.

About Gary: I spent 30 years in the biotech industry before starting in the wine industry at 55 years of age. I went to Napa, CA and worked for Boisset US and then Guarachi Wine Partners ultimately running the state of CA. I moved to South Carolina where I became one of the top salesperson for Breakthru Beverage before retiring in 2021. My passion for wine has been growing and growing. To me, wine is a living thing and the history, the stories of the regions, winery, and culture of the area exponentially increases my enjoyment and fascination with wine. I took a huge risk, leaving a 30 year, highly paid career position to start all over again in the wine industry. As most people know, financial gain is not that common in the wine industry but I have no regrets other than it took me 55 years to realize my passion. Even though I am “retired” I work a few days a week at a local winery educating guests on various aspects of wine as well as providing education information for the winery’s newsletters. I am about to start developing a wine program for a local college. I still involve myself in wine education, recently passing the Spanish Wine Scholar course with Highest Honors. I am currently in the middle of my WSET-4 studies and gather with colleagues from to enjoy and discuss various wines and wine regions. I love the learning for learnings sake so I continue to read and enjoy the ever expanding world of wine. WSET-2 completed 2010 passed with Merit WSET-3 completed 2011 passed with Merit WSET-4 started 2017 (currently completing) Total Wine Professional completed 2017 WSET 2 Spirits 2019 passed with Distinction Spanish Wine Scholar 2021 passed with Highest Honors I very much enjoyed the Spanish Wine Scholar course. I loved the deep-dive immersion into one region. I expect I will enroll in either the French or Italian Wine Scholar course later in the year as I will be enjoying traveling now that I am retired over the next few months. I am up in the air about continuing on with my WSET-4 studies, primarily due to the costs involved now that I am a retired guy. All my future learning will continue to elevate my passion as I find every new bit of information and exposure to less well known varietals is an absolute thrill.

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